Q : how do I buy bitcoins?

A : the safest and easiest way to purchase bitcoins

in the United States is to setup an account with Coinbase.

For every person that uses this referral link to Coinbase,

you will receive $5 worth of bitcoin when you

complete a buy or sell of at least $100! 

*(disclaimer - we will also receive $5 of bitcoin)

Q : now what?

A : congratulations! now head straight over to gyft.com

where you can spend some or your bitcoins in the real world

buy a gyft card for Amazon, Target, or Wholefoods,

(or even burger king) and see how easy it is to purchase and

spend gyft cards with bitcoin. If you have an Android device you

will need the Coinbase app. If you have an iPhone you

will need to create a blockchain.info account, and use their app.

Q: where else?

A : there are a lot of other merchants that directly accept

bitcoin as payment and the numbers are growing.

If you fancy a pair of cosy alpaca socks go to  grasshillalpacas.com 

Or you could buy a sandwich in Pennsylvania.

Some people have been able to live entirely on bitcoin 

and traveled the world!